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📸🌺 Capturing Radiance Top 30 Finalist at VRC Lillian Frank Millinery Awards! 🎩✨

In the spotlight of the 2023 VRC Lillian Frank Millinery Awards, our entry "Spring Splendour" clinched a spot among the Top 30 Finalists. A huge shoutout to photographic maestro Richard Shaw, whose lens magic beautifully captured the glamour, framing the event's essence with breathtaking shots of radiant vibes and creativity. Cup Day always demands an early start, and this year, it was a full-scale "GLAMOUR" operation from 7:00 AM. Picture our stunning new model, Emily, in the hotel room, bathed in sunlight, undergoing a metamorphosis into a vision fit for the 2023 VRC Lillian Frank Millinery Awards. Thanks to Yvonne's artistry at Brush & Co, Emily flawlessly flaunted perfect hair and makeup, setting the tone for a day brimming with style and sophistication.

Let's talk about my entry, "Spring Splendour." Inspired by sustainability and the art of repurposing, my hat serves as a canvas for reimagined sinamay scraps, embodying the essence of mindful craftsmanship and eco-conscious design. Each petal is meticulously handcrafted, with tips delicately painted before being expertly wired and placed on the base.

Happy Snaps!
Beauty unleashed by Yvonne @ Brush and Co


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