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Cover Me With Sunshine

Sitting in the Winter sun in my studio, making this bright and warm piece reminds me of my amazing experience at the Chateau Dumas in the French country side looking at the fields of sunflowers around me.

I’m also reminded of the sunflower fields at the Scenic Rim of the Great Dividing Range in Queensland. Standing amongst the sunflowers and feeling rejuvenated by nature is an unforgettable experience.

The fields of sunflowers that surrounded me, along with the glow of the sun, led me to this stunning abstract version of the two elements of light and warmth in this creation. The vibrant yellow of the hand cut and shaped feather flowers framed by the frayed and curved pinokpok in shades of orange represent the gift of life given by the sun rays to all of nature.

Like the sunflowers around the Chateau Dumas and the Scenic Rim that follow the sun during the day, I also keep turning towards my inner sunshine. It’s taking an idea about a hat and making into reality. Working with material and colours. Using lines and angles to creative amazing designs.

Spending my day working on millinery projects. Bringing my inspirations to life and sharing them with others. I’m so passionate about it, my imagination knows no bounds.

Happiness and happy places are self-sustaining. The memories, places and spaces glow with positive emotions. I’m so lucky that my “happy place” is my millinery. My sparks of innovation and creativity brought into being with my own hands.

This hat "Cover Me With Sunshine" is my entry in this year's 2022 HATalk international competition.

Vote online for my hat now:


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