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Pearls of Inspiration- Honoring Three Decades of Artistry at the 2024 Millinery Australia Design Awards

2024 Millinery Australia Design Awards entries closed on the 26th June 2024.  My design award entry is named "Pearl Essence"


The theme was "Pearls are associated with love, everlasting commitment, wisdom, purity and beauty and they’re the traditional gift for a 30th Anniversary of the Millinery Association.

Sunday, 14th July – Top 10 Announcement People's Choice Voting - Starts 7pm July 14th

Friday, 26th July – Winner Announcements

Sandy Aslett Milliner, the designer behind "Pearl Essence" found inspiration in the following

Pearl Essence
The start of "Pearl Essence" for the 2024 Millinery Australia Design Awards Competition

Inspiration from Pearls:

The hat is inspired by the timeless beauty and mystique of pearls, aligning with the competition's theme of celebrating 30 years of the millinery association.

Connection to the Competition Theme:

The design commemorates the association's dedication to millinery by symbolizing the pearl's journey over three decades, representing both tradition and modernity.

Design Elements and Symbolism:

The pleated fabric is crafted to mimic the smooth, flowing contours of a clam shell, providing a modern twist to this natural form and highlighting the elegance of pearls.

Techniques Used:

The hat incorporates intricate pleating and floral elements to create a wave-like appearance, encrusted with pearls to evoke the image of flowers of the sea.

Blending Tradition with Contemporary Elegance:

The design honors the enduring legacy of pearls while introducing contemporary elements, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern artistry.

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