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Spring Summer Millinery Magic ready for Royal Randwick's Sensational Event!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

SANDY ASLETT MILLINER Award Winning Milliner creating Spring Summer Millinery Magic

Millinery on sale by Sandy Aslett Milliner
Gold Star

I believe you may have been curious about my activities during the past month. Well, allow me to astonish you by revealing that I have been diligently crafting my requested early spring-summer millinery and hat collection in preparation for a significant upcoming event at Royal Randwick's in Sydney on the 15th July 2023 & my Spring Summer Millinery Magic will be ready for Royal Randwick'.

Get ready to indulge your millinery fashion senses as we dive into the thrilling world of spring 2023's anticipated catwalk trends for headwear. With an exquisite selection of captivating hats, headpieces, and designer headwear, I've crafted an irresistible assortment to leave you yearning for more and all these will be available on the day at the Thoroughbred Events Australia event in the ballroom Royal Randwick. Tickets are available just follow the link


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