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Updated: May 9, 2022

During September the Sydney-based business Hatters Millinery Supplies displayed and exhibition of spectacular hats, headpieces and arsenal creations that were the outcome of their inaugural “Hattember” Competition.

The Competition which ran across two categories, challenge entrants to create something magical for the month of September, with the proceeds from sales of any of the works going towards the John Skipper Kelly Fund for disadvantaged youth.

In the Headpiece category, each entrant was provided with the same bag of materials , the only difference being the colours supplied. This bag of traditional millinery supplies was required to be sued, if only in part, along with a maximum of three other materials.

In the artisan category, entrants were challenged to create anything other than a hat or headpiece using a bog of more unconventional materials such as salmon skin leather and mouldable plastic.

The judging panel for the entries consisted of Neil Grigg, Sydney Milliner, Rebecca Reid, Milliner at Opera Australia, Jenny lyell, former owner of Hatters Millinery Supplies.

*Article from November 2018 “the HatMagazine”


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