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MIMC is back for 2022!

Updated: May 9, 2022

Melbourne International Millinery Competition 2022

Australia’s most renowned millinery competition is back for the sixth year!

This year’s theme is Mother of the Bride … and Bridegroom of course!

It’s a theme that encompasses respect and a sense of occasion for a very important event in our lives - the wedding.

Weddings are celebrated quite differently in different parts of the world. The challenge was to promote this concept a little bit more in countries like Australia.

This year’s theme asks the milliners to design and create a hat for the Mother of the Bride wearing one of three outfits from @ViviennaLorikeet

The People's Choice Award will be hosted through the Gallery on the MIMC website - here's the link to get involved so click on the link and vote for my entry!

My entry hat was titled “Arrossire” and means Blush in Italian. It was hand blocked in a blush crown & saucer with an overlay of wide blush crinoline extended edging and braid as trim underneath. Crinkled silk petal flowers and variegated leaves were dipped in glitter and placed as a trail wrapping around the crown.

MIMC will be announcing finalists this week and then the winners at Labassa Historic Mansion Melbourne on Sunday 20th February 2022 at around 4pm. So be quick and get voting for me!

  • Hat - "Arrossire": @Sandy Aslett Milliner

  • Photographer: Stavros Sakellaris @stavrofoto

  • Dresses: @ViviennaLorikeet

  • Stylist: @emilybarriedesign

  • Location: @lcimelbourne

  • Model: @eloisegsunshinefolio

  • HAMU: @lysakielyhmua


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